We are a community of ambitious, self - reflective people building core infrastructure for blockchain protocols.

Chorus One

We believe cryptoeconomics and decentralized networks will enable peer - to - peer collaboration at scale and propel the next stage of human evolution. The technology we build is replacing inefficient legacy structures based on coercion with an emerging open financial system facilitating efficiency and permissionless innovation.

The impact we seek

Maximize freedom

We are committed to maximizing the choice and freedom for token holders and users of blockchain networks. This entails protecting their rights, supporting open access and permissionless innovation and helping users to exert influence on protocol governance.

Be the most secure

We commit to building the most professional and secure products.We build infrastructure that is reliable and highly secure.We do not sacrifice quality for speed.

Long - term sustainability

We are committed to contributing to the long - term health and success of the networks that we operate infrastructure for. We balance our objectives as a company with the interests of the larger ecosystem.

Our values

Radical Truth & Transparency

We are committed to understanding reality as it really is. We seek feedback and conflicting views to eliminate the biases within ourselves that distort our view of the world. We are aware that we need to be radically open - minded to succeed in our pursuit of truth. We see honesty and transparency as key prerequisites to find truth.

Our values

Excellence & Continuous Improvement

We seek to improve continually as individuals and build an organization that maximizes its speed of evolution and learning. In a rapidly changing world, only by embracing change can we hope to build something of lasting value.

Our values

Generosity & Kindness

We seek to recognize the positive qualities in others and treat each other with kindness, generosity, and empathy. We strive to create an inclusive, collaborative and supportive environment. In this way, we empower people to do their best work and make our greatest contribution as an organization.

Our Team

Brian Fabian Crain - Chorus One Co-Founder and CEO

Brian Fabian Crain

Meher Roy - Chorus One Co-Founder and CTO

Meher Roy

Felix Lutsch

Felix Lutsch

Mikolaj Kucharski

Mikolaj Kucharski

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We Are Climate Positive!

We strive to create sustainable infrastructure securing decentralized networks.

Aside from supporting Proof-of-Stake networks that do not rely on energy-intensive Proof-of-Work mining, we are also offsetting our company’s carbon emissions plus a margin on a continuous basis.

Our Offsets

2019 - Removal of 106t of CO² via Harborview Farms2020 - Removal of 65t of CO² via The Mai Ndombe REDD+ Project2021 - Removal of 65t of CO² via The Kasigau Corridor REDD Project


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