Chorus One

Stake on the Cosmos Network with Chorus One.
Earn more atoms.

Secure the Internet of blockchains.

Technical Features

Available and reliable

Always available and reliable

We run separate sets of validation and sentry nodes in different geographical regions to guarantee continuous operation of our validation service.

Available and reliable

Highly secure

Our audited security setup shields our validators from both cyber and physical attacks. Additionally, we are constantly monitoring operations and stay ready to respond to critical incidents.

Available and reliable

No single point of failure

We automate the provisioning of our infrastructure to avoid risks of manual deployment. We use a professional key management system to distribute control over our cryptographic keys inside the firm.

Other Features

Staking Dashboard

We aim to provide our delegators with information around their staking investments through a web application. The first version of this Dashboard is currently in development and will feature basic statistics around your delegation and earnings, our validator node and the Cosmos Network.


We keep you updated about protocol developments, the surrounding ecosystem, upcoming governance decisions and our operations through our newsletter and blog.


We base our decisions on a solid understanding of the needs of decentralized networks and actively participate in protocol development and discussions with the community and developers. We vote on all governance proposals to influence decisions and to avoid slashings for our delegators.


Our team consists of experts that stay up-to-date and connected with the blockchain and cryptocurrency space.


We stake tokens alongside our delegators to demonstrate our long-term interest in the networks that we operate in.


We embrace the open-source ethos and are transparent about our fee schedule and decision-making.


We provide our community with a platform for discussion and support through our dedicated Slack channel and Telegram group.

Interested in staking with us?

Get in touch by email: [email protected]

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