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By participating in the fair extraction of MEV, we unlock the real value of networks & promote higher participation and security by increasing the value of staking.


Minimize harmful extraction

We aim to make visible and minimize the extraction of value from users through e.g. front-running, sandwiching, and other exploitative practices.

Proven security
Redistribute Non-Exploitative MEV

We strive to redistribute revenues from non-exploitative MEV that comes into existence from market inefficiency to our delegators that contribute security to the underlying network.

Our Approach - The 3 Pillars of MEV


As proponents of the open-source crypto ethos, we don’t want to keep the information we gather to ourselves. Hence, we actively research, build dashboards, and publish other materials to create a shared understanding of the “dark forest” that is MEV.

Our exemplary work in the MEV Transparency domain: Dune Analytics Ethereum MEV dashboard, MEV Extraction Twitter bot, and MEV-related articles.


MEV can pose negative externalities to users and ultimately the protocols that they are using. We are actively engaged in minimizing these negative externalities in various ways. This includes participating in the dialogue around MEV, research on related problems, as well as supporting/building solutions that aim to minimize exploitative MEV.

Our work in the Network Sustainability domain: Operating and participating in public discourse and communities of block building solutions such as Flashbots, investments in projects seeking to minimize front-running like Anoma and Osmosis.We are involved with more such projects and are also looking into operating infrastructure to help decentralize block building and relayers.

Reward Optimization

There are clear incentives associated with engaging in MEV and it would be hypocritical to say we are in this only for the good. We are looking towards optimizing the return we can achieve through MEV and pass it through to our delegators that would help us create a differentiated service while also helping to improve network usability, security, and ultimately sustainability.

Dashboards & Bots

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