We connect blockchain ecosystems.

Cross-Chain Interoperability

We are doing work to enable interconnected decentralized applications and value transfer between different blockchain ecosystems.

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Web3 Foundation

Interchain Foundation

Celo Foundation

Liquid Staking

We seek to help bridge the world of staking with decentralized finance while maintaining network security and decentralization.

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Interchain Foundation

We secure blockchain ecosystems.

Staking Infrastructure

Our highly available node infrastructure helps secure some of the most important crypto networks and protocols. Delegating tokens to us enables both institutional and retail investors to earn staking rewards while keeping risks at a minimum.


Anthem is a Multi-Network Staking Platform enabling you to manage your participation and to analyze your account data in various decentralized networks.

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We contribute to blockchain ecosystems.

Staking Economy

The Staking Economy newsletter brings you fortnightly updates and opinions from the world of Proof-of-Stake networks.