Advancing Proof-of-Stake since 2018

The Proof-of-Stake economy is worth more than $300 billion and we have been the pioneers in running its core infrastructure. Since 2018, we have been building and operating technology that replaces inefficient legacy structures and ushers in an open permissionless financial system.

Our Journey

  • Chorus Ventures goes live
  • Quicksilver spins off and launches
  • Launch of OPUS - a universal staking API for institutions
  • Launch of Lido on Solana, built by Chorus One
  • ATH of $6B in assets staked
  • Established Liquid Staking Working Group
  • Breached $100M in assets staked
  • Launching Lido on Ethereum as initial validator
  • First mainnet validator nodes on the Cosmos Hub and Loom Network
  • Participation in early Solana testnets
  • Launch of Chorus One podcast
Participation in Cosmos Game of Stakes incentivised testnet
Genesis block by Brian and Meher (Eth Devcon in Mexico)
Our Team

Some of the brightest minds advancing the crypto space

Brian Fabian Crain
Meher Roy
Felix Lutsch
Business Development & Marketing
Hari Iyer
Alex Bentley
Alexis Tabak
Neal Roche
Albert Poetzsch
Anita Zaman
Keerthi Narendra
Research & Ventures
Michael Moser
Umberto Natale
Thalita Franklin
Yannick Socolov
Luis Nuñez Clavijo
Gabriella Sofia
Kam Benbrik
Finance & People Operations
Tomas Matta
Rakesh Bhageloe
Flora Bondici
Anisa Mahmod
Peta Armstrong
Ruud van Asseldonk
Mateusz Kaczanowski
Erwin Torreao Dassen
Jennifer Parak
Marc de Miguel
Bartosz Matera
Vivek R
Yannick Hilber
Enrique Fynn
Kamil Szczygieł
Manas Chaudhary
Dariusz Antoniuk
Hritique Rungta
Maria Varvaroi
Ayush Rungta
Sergey Mishin
Szymon Gibala
Chris Kerr
Maciej Sawicki
Sławek Garcarz
Mikolaj Kucharski
Anish Mukherjee
Maksym Kulish
Pavel Shibaev
Vee Chong
Rishi Sidhu
Gary Lieberman
Aurimas Blažulionis
Will Hanlen
Yannick Socolov
Luis Nuñez Clavijo

Our Values

We are committed to understanding reality as it really is. We seek feedback and conflicting views to eliminate the biases within ourselves that distort our view of the world. We are aware that we need to be radically open-minded to succeed in our pursuit of truth. We see honesty and transparency as key prerequisites to finding the truth.
We seek to improve continually as individuals and build an organization that maximizes its speed of evolution and learning. In a rapidly changing world, only by embracing change can we hope to build something of lasting value.
We seek to recognize the positive qualities in others and treat each other with kindness, generosity, and empathy. We strive to create an inclusive, collaborative, and supportive environment. In this way, we empower people to do their best work and make our greatest contribution as an organization.

Working at
Chorus One

Fully remote. Colleagues from more than 20 countries. Flat Hierarchy. What's not to like? Be a part of our growing team and work towards improving the decentralized economy.
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