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A show that covers decentralized networks and their impact on the evolution of automated and borderless economies. On this podcast, we invite pioneers and builders to discuss the decentralized protocols and projects they are working on.



How will Avalanche tokenize all the world's assets?

The 10th episode of the Chorus One Podcast S2 welcomes Morgan Krupetsky from Ava Labs, the team behind Avalanche.

Avalanche's mission, as stated often, is to "tokenize all the world's assets."In this engaging conversation, Morgan chats with hosts Erwin Torreao Dassen and Alexis Tabak, unpacking how Avalanche aims to achieve this ambitious goal and discussing the incredible initiatives undertaken by Avalanche around the tokenization of real-world assets (RWA).

Exploring Restaking Strategies and Risks with Sreeram Kannan

In episode 9 of the Chorus One Podcast S2, we're delighted to welcome a special guest - Sreeram Kannan, the founder of EigenLayer!

Sreeram joins our podcast to delve into restaking and the AVS economy, covering topics ranging from optimal strategies for restakers and node operators respectively, through to the sophisticated design decisions behind the recently launched EIGEN token.

Throughout the conversation, Sreeram and host Yannick also explore upcoming slashing and payment mechanisms on EigenLayer, discuss how attributable security works, and outline EigenLayer's overarching long-term vision.

How does Babylon empower the Bitcoin ecosystem with Staking & Timestamping?

The current growing interest in Bitcoin Layer 2 solutions is remarkable, and Babylon Chain is at the forefront, setting the standard for empowering the Bitcoin ecosystem with innovative staking and timestamping features.

In this episode of the Chorus One podcast, we're thrilled to welcome David Tse, co-founder of Babylon, who shares the fascinating story behind Babylon's origins, the evolution of their timestamping protocol alongside Bitcoin staking, integration with Cosmos Hub, comparisons between Ethereum and Bitcoin L2s and more.

In addition, David also dives into how Bitcoin staking exactly works, its complexities anbroader implications for the crypto space.

How does Lava scale Web3 data access across ALL blockchains and rollups?

Lava Network uses a novel mechanism called Incentivized Public RPC which allows chains/rollups to permissionlessly bootstrap and subsidize infrastructure for dapp developers. This means free, performant and decentralized infrastructure for dapp developers and users.

During this episode, we explore:
- The fundamentals of RPC,
- Yair’s creative analogies of Lava as the "Uber for blockchain data," and a “Permissionless Amazon”
- The significance of the #LAVA token for stakers,
- Lava’s incentivised Public RPC
- The final steps to Mainnet  
… and more!  

Learn more about Lava in our latest blog:

How does Soarchain unlock DePIN's potential?

In Episode 6, we're excited to welcome Kerem Ozkan, the Founder of Soarchain, and Deniz Kalaslioglu, the Co-founder and CTO, as they dive into Soarchain's pivotal role in harnessing the full capabilities of its Layer 1 DePIN (Decentralized Physical Infrastructure Network) built on the Cosmos SDK.

They shed light on how Soarchain simplifies the complexities of vehicular connectivity, offering a groundbreaking platform for applications that range from real-time insurance adjustments to AI-driven diagnostics and safety enhancements.

Read our comprehensive article on Soarchain:

The Path to a 100k Subnets with Luigi D'Onorio DeMeo, Ava Labs

S2Ep #4 features Luigi D'Onorio DeMeo, Head of DeFi at Ava Labs. In October, Patrick O'Grady, Ava Labs' VP of Platform Engineering, unveiled ACP #13, proposing revamped minimum requirements for Subnet validators.

In this podcast, our Engineering Lead Erwin Dassen and Luis Nunez of our Ventures team speak with Luigi D'Onorio DeMeo to dissect the proposed changes, how it impacts Subnet validators, the state of institutional adoption of AVAX, and more.

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