The Simplest Staking Solution for Institutions and Investors

OPUS is the easiest way to stake across multiple chains. Our API and user-friendly dashboard make it simple to get started, and our enterprise-grade security ensures that your assets are safe.

Why Stake with Chorus One?

We implement top-tier security measures to protect our customers & ensure optimum performance. Some of our measures include:
  • We are one of the few node operators to be fully ISO-compliant
  • Multi-region infrastructure across 4 different physical data centers and 2 different cloud providers
  • Diversified client infrastructure
  • Automated & pre-approved manual workflows for node upgrades
  • Double signing protection through database access locks
To protect our customers against slashing and downtime events, we have partnered with Nexus Mutual, the leading decentralised coverage provider, to introduce a range of staking coverage options for our customers. Customers would be provide a range of upgradeable cover options on request.
We understand that an onboarding delay can result in a loss of potential revenue hence we ensure that all our customers are onboarded in a quick manner. Once you sign up, you will receive detailed instructions by your dedicated account manager.
Our engineers continuously monitor network and node performance to ensure that none of our customers face an issue.

Over the last 60 days*, Chorus One has captured 14% more MEV per validator when compared to the weighted average on Lido.


OPUS Graph
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OPUS is used by leading crypto institutions

Chorus One is a reputable staking provider, we value the quality of their services and robust legal, operational, and technical setup. Chorus One provides one of the most cost-effective staking solutions in the market and we've been staking a number of our PoS tokens with them.

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