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Protocol Support
We provide access to 40+ leading Proof-of-Stake protocols so that you can stake on a wide range of networks.
We use a mix of hardware security models, FIPS 140-2 compliant vaults and slashing protection logic for extra security of your operations & delegations.
We take compliances very seriously and our ISO 27001 certification is also expected to be ready by end of 2023.

Hear It from Our Partners

OPUS - Institutional Staking API
OPUS makes it easy for institutions and investors to start staking and track rewards in just a few clicks. Institutions can also use OPUS to offer staking and reporting services to their clients within their own platform.
Operate your own Node
Our whitelabel service allows you to operate a node on 40+ PoS networks without worries of staying online. Control fees & rewards distribution with your users while we take care of the infrastructure.
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