Bootstrapping Liquidity for Lido for Solana

Rishi Sidhu
Rishi Sidhu
October 8, 2021
5 min read
October 8, 2021
5 min read

800,000 LDO and many more rewards are live on Lido for Solana and its DeFi integrations

Lido for Solana launched about a month ago and so far north of $200m worth of SOL has already been staked with Lido. Today, we are glad to announce that further liquidity pools and the first liquidity rewards in LDO tokens bridged from Ethereum will start to be distributed.

Holders of stSOL can now supply liquidity to pools like stSOL-SOL, stSOL-USDC, and even stSOL-wstETH

Users providing liquidity to pools will be rewarded in LDO and, for some pools, tokens from our partners ( ORCAfor the Orca pool and MER in the Mercurial Finance pool). In addition, LPs will also collect a portion of pool swap fees and accrue value in their stSOL tokens in accordance with Lido for Solana’s staking APR.

As promised we have partnered with various AMMs to utilize stSOL — the liquid representation of your SOL stake in Lido. To bootstrap and incentivize liquidity providers Lido has initiated the formation of the various pools. Holders of stSOL can now supply liquidity to pools like stSOL-SOL, stSOL-USDC, and even stSOL-wstETH— a first-of-its-kind liquidity pool with two value-accruing Lido liquid staking assets, with wstETH being bridged via Wormhole’s decentralized validator set.

800,000 LDO will be distributed as LP rewards over 2 months on Solana AMMs

The following list contains the current stSOL liquidity integrations:


Orca | The DEX for people, not programs

Orca is the easiest, fastest, and most user-friendly cryptocurrency exchange on the Solana blockchain.

Orca has launched a stSOL-wstETH (the wrapped version of Lido’s stETH). This is especially good news for stETH holders. Now, in addition to earning rewards by staking ETH and SOL, you get additional yield by adding liquidity to the wstETH-stSOL pool on Orca. Liquidity providers on Orca will earn 250,000 LDO supplemented by about 35,000 ORCA over the initial
8 weeks of this pool being live.

This first-of-its-kind liquidity pool is a very cool DeFi product! Not only is it composed of two staked assets earning staking rewards, but it also has one of these bridged over to Solana from Ethereum in a decentralized way, highlighting the power of cross-chain DeFi!

To participate in the Orca pool visit the guide linked below.

Wormhole Transfer and Orca Pool Guide | Lido for Solana

This is a step-by-step guide on providing liquidity to the following Orca Pool — stSOL-wstETH to earn more rewards…

Guide —
Make sure to double dip after you add liquidity to the Orca Pool


The amazing Mercurial Finance team went live with a stSOL/SOL pool that will use our internal price oracle to create a maximally efficient liquidity pool. Providers of liquidity to Mercurial will earn 150,000 LDO and matched MER rewards on top of the swap rewards while resting assured that their passive LP position is not exposed to impermanent loss. Read more about this integration.

Introducing Our First Non-Pegged Stable Pool: Lido x Mercurial

In our previous blog post, we introduced several innovative AMM systems we are bringing to the market. Today, we are…


We’ve launched a stSOL-USDC pool in collaboration with Raydium. Providers of liquidity to this pool will collect 250,000 LDO over 2 months in addition to the LP rewards from swaps on the OG of decentralized exchanges that integrates with Solana’s order book DEX Serum.


Finally, Saber, the leading cross-chain stablecoin and wrapped assets exchange on Solana, has launched the stSOL-SOL pool that currently holds TVL of $160M. Liquidity providers stand to gain 150,000 LDO in addition to the LP rewards and SBR yields for this pool. These rewards will be activated once Saber supports cross-incentivization. The stSOL-SOL Saber yield farm can be found here

LDO Incentive Overview

Lido DAO in partnership with Lido for Solana multisig has transferred LDO incentives from Ethereum to Solana by using the decentralized Wormhole v2 token bridge.

As listed above, 800,000 LDO will be distributed as LP rewards over 2 months on Solana AMMs to bootstrap liquidity for SOL.

  • 250,000 LDO for stSOL/wstETH on Orca co-incentivized by ORCA
  • 250,000 LDO for stSOL/USDC on Raydium
  • 150,000 LDO for stSOL/SOL on Saber co-incentivized by SBR
  • 150,000 LDO for stSOL/SOL on Mercurial Finance co-incentivized by MER

Keep a lookout for this and further upcoming integrations at the liquid staking page on Chorus’s website.

Chorus One

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