The Top Cosmos Wallets to Safely Store and Stake your Atoms

Felix Lutsch
April 26, 2019
5 min read

We have curated a list of the current top wallets to store and delegate your Cosmos Atoms from. Before diving into the options, I would like to remark that the safest way to store larger amounts of Atoms is on a hardware wallet. There are multiple wallets and tools that allow you to send, delegate, and participate in governance using a Ledger device. But let’s start with our list:


Lunie is the official wallet that was first developed by part of the Cosmos team (then called Voyager). The Lunie team has now spun off as a separate company.

Lunie is available as a web and mobile wallet (in development). There’s also a Lunie browser extension that allows you to securely generate keys. Lunie enables you to safely perform every operation from sending to participating in governance through your Ledger device without having to download additional software.

Find out more at:

The Lunie web wallet validator portfolio screen.

+ Security audit
+ Web wallet usable with Ledger devices and browser extension
- Mobile wallet can’t store keys yet (in development)


The popular multi-asset mobile wallet with support for ETH, BTC, EOS also has a Cosmos wallet. imToken supports a lot of functions like exchanging tokens, using DApps and now also storing and staking your Cosmos Atoms!

The imToken Validator Screen (left) and Wallet Screen (right)


+ Multiple Assets (BTC, EOS, as well as Ethereum and Cosmos assets)
+ Many functionalities (token exchange inside the wallet, DApp support,…)
+ Available on both iOS and Android
+ Security audit

Trust Wallet

Trust Wallet, the open-source multi-currency mobile wallet, has its own staking platform that also includes Cosmos. The platform allows you to stake from the mobile Trust Wallet application (iOS and Android), as well as from Ledger devices or other wallets that support WalletConnect.

The Trust Platform Cosmos staking screen connected via WalletConnect.

+ Multiple ways to access (Ledger, Trust Wallet, WalletConnect)
+ Support for multiple currencies and applications
- Only supporting a subset of validators and features


This slick mobile wallet is developed by the Korean team at Cosmostation, who also run their own validator and block explorer. The wallet is available as a web wallet, as well as on the Apple App Store and Google Play.


+ Great design and UX
+ Amount of information and features
+ Available on desktop as well as mobile (iOS and Android)
- No security audit


Another mobile wallet from the Chinese team at WeTez, who are already experienced in staking on Tezos. They also operate a validator on the Cosmos network and educate the Chinese community around the staking ecosystem.


+ Support for Cosmos, IRISnet and Tezos
+ Available on both iOS and Android
- No security audit
- No governance features and little information in the interface

Other Ledger Tools

There are a variety of tools build by validators to allow for easy staking and governance participation using a Ledger device. These include delegating through the Hubble and Stargazer block explorer and the delegation tool from our colleagues at Staking Facilities, as well as our own tool. The Chorus One tool additionally allows delegators to participate in governance themselves.


+ Easy to use
- Limited features and only Ledger devices supported


There are a variety of wallet options available already today. We recommend storing large Atom amounts on a Ledger device. To do so you will need to have the Cosmos application installed on your Ledger device using Ledger Live. There are also some other wallets in development (e.g. IOV and Lunagram). We are looking forward to trying these out and seeing the wallets and tools mentioned in this article evolve.

Originally published at on April 26, 2019.

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