Towards Trustless Blockchain Interoperability: Connecting Celo and Cosmos

Chorus One
Chorus One
November 14, 2020
5 min read
November 14, 2020
5 min read

Chorus One has received a joint grant from the Celo Foundation and the Interchain Foundation to develop the building blocks for a bridge that will allow Inter-Blockchain Communication (IBC) between Celo — an EVM-based, mobile-first blockchain platform focused on financial inclusion — and networks built on the Cosmos SDK, such as the Cosmos Hub.

A bridge built upon these components will enable users of the Celo platform to tap into the vast ecosystem of IBC-compatible blockchains and vice versa. Some exemplary use cases include bringing the Celo cUSD stablecoin to the Cosmos ecosystem, as well as including Cosmos-based assets like ATOM, BAND, LUNA, or KAVA in the Celo Reserve.

The Interchain Cometh

At Chorus One, we are committed to the “Internet of Blockchains” vision and believe we’re still in the first inning of blockchain interoperability. As of today, we are already operating validation and other node infrastructure on 14 different live networks. Currently, these are still mostly isolated, but in the upcoming months various interoperability efforts such as ChainBridge, Peggy, Solana’s Wormhole bridge, as well as ambitious protocols like IBC — which will go live on the Cosmos Hub soon via the Stargate upgrade — will usher in a new era of cross-chain decentralized applications.

Our work on WASM-based light clients (see also our previous Substrate <> Cosmos SDK project here) represent our first contributions to this space. Our goal with these efforts is to make it easy to add support for new blockchains and upgrades to clients without requiring the full governance process to establish new connections in the IBC ecosystem.

“As one of the top validators on both the Cosmos and Celo networks, I’m absolutely thrilled to see Chorus One working to connect the Cosmos and Celo ecosystems with a fully trustless bridge between these instant finality chains. The work adds to their growing body of past contributions to both networks, including the excellent Anthem staking platform.”

Marek Olszewski — Co-Founder at Celo

We are excited to contribute to realizing a world of interconnected blockchains and would like to thank the Celo Foundation and Interchain Foundation for their support.

Our CTO Meher Roy will present on this project that we aim to deliver in Q1 2021 during the upcoming Interchain Conversations online event taking place Dec 12 and 13. Register here in case you are interested to learn more about our work and other awesome initiatives in the wider Cosmos ecosystem.

About Chorus One

Chorus One is offering staking services and building protocols and tools to advance the Proof-of-Stake ecosystem.

We provide staking services on both the Celo blockchain, as well as on multiple Cosmos networks; specifically: the Hub, Terra, Kava, Band, Secret Network, and Microtick. Visit our website to learn more and support our work by staking your tokens with us.

Anthem Staking Platform (with support for CELO staking on Ledger):
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Originally published at on November 13, 2020.

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