Announcing Staking Support for Osmosis

Chorus One
Chorus One
June 23, 2021
5 min read
June 23, 2021
5 min read

We are pleased to announce that we have onboarded Osmosis, a heterogeneous, interoperable automated market maker protocol built on the Cosmos SDK that gives users and LPs flexibility and customisation never before seen in existing AMMs.

Osmosis is governance-first, it places emphasis on governance having a maximum level of customisation on protocol parameters so it can keep the protocol competitive in the long-run.

Osmosis is likely to introduce a new wave of innovation and creativity for AMMs as participants have the accessibility and flexibility to customise all aspects of an AMM. LPs can select their time horizons for providing liquidity, third-parties can incentivise pools ad-hoc, governance can distribute OSMO rewards where they deem fit, pool creators can play with mathematical expressions (curves) for lower-slippage swapping and users can swap assets cross-chain using the Interblockchain Communication (IBC) protocol, whose usage in the Cosmos ecosystem has been kickstarted following the chain’s launch this weekend:

OSMO Airdrop for ATOM Holders

Osmosis is airdropping a portion of OSMO to those who were holding ATOM when the screenshot was taken for the quadratic fairdrop. You can see if you are eligible here. Without doing anything, holders of $ATOM taken on the day of the blockchain screenshot receive 20% of their allocated OSMO rewards. To achieve the other 80% of allocated rewards, 4 steps are required by $ATOM holders within the first two weeks, outlined below:

  1. Make a swap on Osmosis
  2. Add liquidity to a pool (e.g. ATOM / OSMO)
  3. Stake OSMO
  4. Vote on a governance proposal

Further information about who can claim the airdrop and how to claim it can be found here and here

About Staking on Osmosis

Osmosis uses the standard DPoS staking mechanism found in the Cosmos SDK. Users can delegate their OSMO tokens to Chorus One to receive a share of rewards generated by the network.

Epochs: Osmosis uses epochs to account for reward distribution. There is 1 epoch per day. Therefore 1 epoch is ~14440 blocks. Staking rewards are distributed at the end of each epoch.

Validating Rights: The weight of validators such as Chorus One is determined by the amount of staking tokens (OSMO) bonded as collateral.

OSMO Inflation: 300m OSMO in year one. 200m in year two. 166m in year 3. More here.

Staking Reward Rate: Rewards from staking OSMO will vary depending on newly minted and distributed to stakers and the total amount of tokens that are staked at a given time. Another unique aspect of Osmosis is that only 25% of inflation rewards go to stakers (as of genesis). As OSMO is highly inflationary, the expected APR for staking OSMO can be expected to range somewhere between 300–1,000% for the first year (this depends a lot on how OSMO holders are engaging with their tokens). At the time of writing, with around 5.6% of the supply staking (6m of 102m available OSMO tokens), OSMO stakers are receiving a ~3.5% rewards on their OSMO tokens a day!

Learn more about the details of staking reward rates for chains built using Cosmos SDK here.

Chorus Commission: 7.5%

Withdrawal Delay: After withdrawing, your staked funds will only become accessible after the unbonding period (28 days) has passed.

Slashing: You can get slashed (loss funds) in case the validator you are delegated to commits an offense. Make sure to do due diligence to minimize this risk. Offences include double-signing (5% slashing penalty for delegators) and downtime (no slashing penalty, validator is ‘jailed’ and delegators miss out on staking rewards for minimum 2 hours).

Re-Staking: You need to withdraw rewards and re-stake them with some frequency if you want to make use of compounding returns.

Minimum delegation: There is no minimum delegation.

The Chorus One Validator


Learn more:

How to Stake

Wallets: Keplr
Block Explorers: Mintscan
Staking: Keplr — Once Keplr is installed, find ‘Chorus One’ on this page, click ‘manage’, put in the amount of $OSMO you would like to delegate to Chorus and then click ‘ delegate’.

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