How to stake INJ (Injective)

Chorus One
Chorus One
January 8, 2023
5 min read
January 8, 2023
5 min read


Injective is an open, interoperable, layer-1 blockchain built for finance applications.

It provides a powerful smart contracts platform tailored for DeFi developers to build and launch dApps for widespread use quickly. Injective uniquely provides traditional finance infrastructures, such as an order book module, on-chain, and is highly interoperable with prominent layer 1s, including Ethereum and Cosmos.

Injective is built with the Cosmos SDK and utilizes a Tendermint proof-of-stake consensus for secure transactions with instant finality.

Some of the prominent ecosystem players within Injective:

  • Helix, the premier on-chain order book exchange for trading derivatives
  • Frontrunner, the first decentralized sports prediction market with zero gas fees
  • White Whale, a lending protocol for the interchain
  • Category Details
    Delegation Address injvaloper14yeq3lkajldaggj28hmq8xng9xux7x5g46hezv
    APY 15.28 %
    Wallet Metamask, Ledger
    Block Explorer
    Staking Rewards
    Unstaking Period 21 Days

    Akash is a decentralized marketplace, where cloud providers (providers) can lease their computing power to users (tenants). The Akash marketplace functions by conducting reverse auctions whereby the tenant creates orders for computing power, and providers bid on these orders. When the tenant chooses a provider, they create a lease. After this, the user deploys a Docker container on the Akash Container Platform where users are able to then run any cloud-native application and access a range of cloud management services like Kubernetes.

    Please note that the unstake period is 21 days. This means that you can only unstake and withdraw coins to your wallet after this time has passed. We wish you profitable staking!

    How to stake INJ (Injective)

    1. Access the Hub

    We will stake via the Injective Hub. Go to and click on Connect on the top-right corner to connect with any wallet currently integrated with Injective, which currently includes MetaMask, Ledger, Cosmostation, Leap, Keplr, Torus, or Trezor wallet.

    Wallet List
    2. Explore the dashboard

    Once you get connected you can view your dashboard. On the top right, you can view and copy your INJ address and the equivalent address in Ethereum. The Disconnect option is also found here.


    Your Injective address

    3. Delegate your tokens

    On the dashboard, you can click on Delegate Now to view validators and delegate your INJ tokens to them.

    Delegate Now

    When you click the button, you are shown the list of validators.

    Search for Chorus One in the search box and click on Delegate Now

    A popup window will appear, and you can specify the amount of INJ you wish to stake.

    Click on Delegate and you will be asked to sign a transaction, which will take place entirely on the Injective Chain. This means you no longer need to pay high gas fees!

    Congratulations! You've successfully delegated your INJ tokens. You can head back to the Wallet page to view your delegations.

    4. Claiming rewards and unbonding

    You claim your rewards, distributed continuously every block, on the Wallet page. When you unbond your tokens, you will stop receiving rewards, and your original INJ balance will be returned to you after the unbonding period, which is 21 days. The unbonding period can be changed via community-based governance.

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