How to stake KAVA (Kava Network)

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July 1, 2022
5 min read
July 1, 2022
5 min read


Category Details
Chorus One Validator Address kavavaloper15urq2dtp9qce4fyc85m6upwm9xul3049dcs7da
Wallet Keplr
APR 27.7%
Block Explorer
Staking Rewards
Unstaking Period 21 Days

Kava is a cross-chain, decentralized finance project focused on providing collateralized, USD-pegged stablecoin borrowing for assets from different blockchains. Kava is making use of interoperability solutions to bring its services to tokens like Binance’s BNB and Bitcoin.

Users of the Kava CDP system earn KAVA tokens and can delegate them to validators like Chorus One, which maintains and govern the protocol with the goal to create a stable platform for cross-chain decentralized finance.

Please note that the unstake period is 21 days. This means that you can only unstake and withdraw coins to your wallet after this time has passed. We wish you profitable staking!

How to stake

1. Install Keplr Wallet Extension

In case you don't have the keplr extension installed in your browser visit and click on Install extension.

Click on Install Keplr for Chrome if you are using a Chrome browser or Brave if you are using the Brave browser and follow the installation instructions.

2. Create/Import Account

Click on the extension in the Chrome/Brave toolbar and the following page will open up.

In case you do not have an existing Keplr account you can create a new account

You will be shown 12 words as your mnemonic seed. Select24 words option for a more secure mnemonic. Back it up securely (read the warning below)

Back up your mnemonic seed securely.

  • Anyone with your mnemonic seed can take your assets.
  • Lost mnemonic seed can't be recovered.

Enter an account name and a passphrase to unlock your wallet. You will be asked for the mnemonic again. Enter the 24 words in order. This is to make sure you remember the mnemonic.

Finally, click on Next to create your account

3. Log in to your account

Regardless of whether you already have an account or if you created it just now you may now click on the extension to view your address or visit to see the full dashboard.

4. Stake your KAVA

If you don't already have KAVA in your account fund it with some tokens. You may use an exchange to transfer the KAVA tokens to your address or get it from someone who already holds those.

To stake click on the Kava network in the left panel and click on Stake

You will be shown a list of validators with whom to stake on the right side. Scroll to Chorus One and click on Manage.

A modal with Chorus One's description will pop up. Click once on Delegate to enter the amount of tokens you want to stake.

Clicking on Delegate again will take you to Keplr wallet for approval. Approve the transaction and you will be able to see your stake.

There is a 21-day unbonding process for staked KAVAs during which delegator KAVAs do not earn rewards and cannot be transferred, exchanged, or spent. KAVAs can, however, be slashed during the unbonding period.

Once your transaction is approved you will be able to see your Kava getting staked. Congratulations you have successfully staked your $KAVA!!

5. Claiming rewards

After some time you will see rewards getting accumulated in your account. You can simply go to the Keplr extension to claim them.

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