How to Stake on OPUS via Fireblocks Custody

Chorus One
Chorus One
August 17, 2023
5 min read
August 17, 2023
5 min read

Welcome to the Fireblocks Guide for OPUS Staking. This guide is designed to help you stake with OPUS from your Fireblocks custody. We’ll leverage Metamask Institutional(MMI) chrome extension to seamlessly stake with OPUS.

1. First, connect your Fireblocks account to Metamask Institutional(MMI) wallet extension. Please download and install the extension from here.

2. Then, connect the desired Fireblocks custody vault to MMI.

3. To do this, in the Fireblocks custody, you need to click on the “Web3 Access” menu on the left hand navigation.

a. You will find a “Metamask Institutional user?” popup at the bottom of the page. Please click on “Connect account” to proceed with MMI connection.

b. Next, please select the desired vault to connect to Fireblocks and click on "Connect".

c. Metamask Institutional Wallet will show the custodian account connection request. Your Fireblocks vault will be connected to MMI once confirmed.

d. You should see the vault balance in MMI wallet

Now, your Fireblocks custody is connected to Metamask Institutional wallet. We are one step away from staking. We need to whitelist the staking contract now.

4. Whitelist the Batch Contract address in Fireblocks. In the Fireblocks Left hand navigation, please click on Whitelisted addresses menu and select the contract address on the screen.

5. OPUS Staking contract address is: 0x9b8c989FF27e948F55B53Bb19B3cC1947852E394

a. Goerli Testnet contract address is: 0x5FaDfdb7eFffd3B4AA03f0F29d9200Cf5F191F31

6. Based on your organisation approval policy, you will need to approval from multiple signers.

Next step is to stake with OPUS through MMI & Fireblocks custody.

7. Click on Connect wallet button in OPUS UX. Please select Metamask wallet in the walletconnect window.

8. Select the amount of stake on the slider and click “Confirm & Stake”

9. Approve the transaction on MMI

10. Approve the transaction on Fireblocks

11. After the transaction is confirmed on Fireblocks, you will see the staking transaction confirmation screen on OPUS.

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