Ledger by Chorus One: Securely stake your tokens via the Ledger Live App

Chorus One
Chorus One
May 30, 2023
5 min read
May 30, 2023
5 min read

We’re proud to announce our partnership with Ledger, the global security platform for digital assets and NFTs.

Ledger has extended its compatibility with the Cosmos ecosystem, and Chorus One will be supporting this integration by providing our validator services, allowing over a million Ledger Live users to leverage the bolstering Cosmos ecosystem. Going forth, Ledger Live users will be able to stake numerous Cosmos tokens, including Onomy (NOM), Quicksilver (QCK), Persistence (XPRT) and more through nodes operated by Chorus One.

This collaboration with Ledger Live aligns with our mission to provide seamless and secure staking services while empowering individuals with financial sovereignty.

“We are thrilled to partner with Chorus One, a trusted leader in the Cosmos ecosystem. Their deep expertise in the space makes them an invaluable partner for any entity looking to integrate staking operations into their product lines. With their extensive knowledge and experience in various Cosmos networks, we are confident in their ability to provide our users a secure and reliable staking solution. Through this collaboration, we are excited to empower our users with full control over their assets and the ability to seamlessly stake across multiple chains.” - Charles Guillemet, Chief Technology Officer, Ledger

Staking your Cosmos tokens through Ledger Live app offers you the opportunity to earn competitive staking rewards while keeping your assets secure via self-custody. By choosing to stake through Ledger, you can enjoy multiple benefits, including:

  • Security of hardware wallets. As Ledger is widely recognised as the gold standard of crypto storage, you can enjoy the benefits of keeping your assets secure via self custody while earning rewards with Chorus One.
  • High rewards. Staking through Ledger Live assures you of the highest possible rewards since Chorus One is dedicated to exploring and implementing various strategies to maximize staking rewards. We’re at the cusp of researching topics like MEV and even released an MEV bot last year that releases MEV updates from Osmosis every day.
  • Multiple tokens supported. Ledger Live allows you to securely store and stake multiple coins simultaneously.

Chorus One and the Cosmos Ecosystem

Chorus One has been a major driving force behind the growth of the Cosmos ecosystem, having made substantial contributions to it. We are deeply committed to projects that we strongly believe in and have invested and acted as a steward for a variety of Cosmos networks, including Quicksilver, Onomy, Axelar, and many others. With our extensive experience and in-depth understanding of the unique requirements of each network, we have honed our expertise in the interchain.

Currently, our research team is working on a comprehensive report that delves into the implications of MEV on dYdX v4 and aims to provide clarity into how MEV is likely to impact trading flow and execution ahead of the migration, enabling validators to make more informed decisions. To learn more about the report, visit:

To underscore our unwavering commitment to the Cosmos ecosystem, we released a comprehensive governance report last year, which shed light on validator participation, voting trends, and controversial proposals within the interchain. You can find the report at

Furthermore, our team is deeply involved in the Cosmos community. Brian Crain, our CEO, serves on the board of the InterChain Foundation, and our Chief Investment Officer, Xavier Meegan, actively participates in the ATOM Accelerator DAO.

"Bringing non-custodial staking on Cosmos networks to millions of Ledger users is a significant milestone for Chorus One and the Cosmos ecosystem, and we are excited to continue our mission of providing seamless and secure staking services that align with Ledger’s values of empowering individuals with financial sovereignty. We believe that this collaboration will enable many more individuals to leverage the benefits of the burgeoning Cosmos ecosystem, and look forward to working closely with Ledger to make this a reality." - Brian Fabian Crain, Chief Executive Officer, Chorus One

Watch our webinar with The Block!

Last week, we collaborated with The Block to present a webinar featuring our Chief Commercial Officer, Felix Lutsch, alongside Lila Garcia from Ledger Enterprise and Boaz Avital from Anchorage Digital. Together, they engaged in an insightful discussion on the future of staking, covering significant topics circumferencing institutional staking, including regulatory developments, risk management, and staking infrastructure.

To watch the recorded webinar, please follow this link:

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