Navigating the EigenPod Upgrade: A guide for native restakers

Chorus One
Chorus One
April 11, 2024
5 min read
April 11, 2024
5 min read

EigenLayer recently upgraded to M2 Contract. This made it necessary for EigenPods created prior to this to be upgraded. So if your EigenPod was created prior to Stage 2, you will need to upgrade your EigenPod per the steps below. EigenPods that were created prior to M2 contract upgrades are required to have their balances reset to zero, then generate the proofs through the EigenLayer app in order to ensure proof accounting is accurate.

Note: This guide is useful for the native restaking users who want to delegate to Chorus One operator but don’t see any restaked tokens. This can happen when you restaked before the M2 upgrade. Following this guide you will start seeing your restaked tokens which can then subsequently be delegated to Chorus One

1. Go to and connect your wallet

2. You will see a button to upgrade your EigenPod. Click Upgrade Eignepod

3. You will be shown a fee recipient warning, review the warning and click Continue

4. In case you have accrued any Consensus Rewards you might be asked to queue the withdrawal of the rewards before you can upgrade your EigenPod. Click Confirm.

5. Observe the Restaking Activated confirmation and explanation that Restaking will be available after the next beacon state update.

6. You can wait for the amount of time mentioned in the message. Come back later and hit the restake button to Restake your ETH

7. Once you restaked your ETH you can follow the steps in this delegation guide to delegate your restaked ETH to Chorus One operator

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