RollApps and beyond: A comprehensive guide to Dymension

Chorus One
Chorus One
February 7, 2024
5 min read
February 7, 2024
5 min read

After what might have been the most anticipated launch so far, we're thrilled to be part of the continued innovation of blockchain technology by championing Dymension, as they work to pioneer the 'Internet of RollApps' with their unique modular features. Chorus One runs a public validator node and has also invested in Dymension through Chorus Ventures.

Dymension makes it easy for anyone to create and deploy their own blockchain, while providing its users the infrastructure and flexibility to scale and compete with other modern-day blockchain implementations.

In this guide, we'll cover what Dymension is and how it's pushing the boundaries of blockchain capabilities.

What is Dymension?

Unlike traditional blockchains that integrate data availability, consensus, settlement, and execution into a single layer, Dymension adopts a modular approach. This innovative method allows delegating one or more of these components to external chains, significantly enhancing performance, scalability, and efficiency.

Dymension aims to improve upon the current reliance on shared bandwidth systems used by many popular blockchains by using a multi-layer blockchain protocol. Consisting of a network of modular blockchains, known as "RollApps", these blockchains are powered by the Dymension Hub which is responsible for both consensus and settlement.

While initially the Dymension team will oversee RollApp approvals, the network aims to evolve into a permissionless ecosystem with the ultimate goal of serving as a decentralization router that connects RollApps to the crypto economy. In the long run, this will allow Dymension to be a "Internet Service Provider" for crypto and blockchain technologies.  

To further detail its architecture, Dymension utilizes the Cosmos SDK for interoperability across blockchains, enabling RollApps to efficiently communicate and transact. The use of Tendermint Core for consensus ensures high security and fast transactions across the network. This technical foundation allows Dymension to support a wide range of applications, from finance to gaming, by providing developers with the tools to create highly scalable and customizable solutions.

As Dymension evolves, its architecture is designed to support a growing ecosystem of decentralized applications, ultimately facilitating a seamless connection between users and blockchain services on a global scale.

Dymension's unique proposition lies in its sophisticated modular architecture, designed to decentralize and optimize the components of blockchain functionality. By enabling external chains to handle aspects like data availability, consensus, and execution separately, it aims to not only significantly boost performance but also provide improved scalability and efficiency for all.

Here's how the Dymension team explains the ecosystem:

Dymension is similar to a full-stack web application where users interact with RollApps (front-end), Dymension (back-end) acts as the coordinator for the ecosystem, and the data availability networks (database) provide a place to publicize data.

Key features of Dymension
  • Modular blockchain network: Dymension is a network of modular blockchains called Rollapps offering a flexible alternative to traditional, monolithic blockchain structures like Ethereum.
  • RollApp ecosystem: The network is composed of RollApps, which are modular blockchains responsible for executing transactions within the network, which provides significant flexibility and enhanced performance.
  • Dymension Hub: This central element of the network is responsible for both consensus and settlement, streamlining these critical blockchain functions.
  • Liquidity: Dymension uses an embedded Automated Market Maker (AMM) designed to expose RollApps to efficient asset routing, price discovery, and most importantly shared liquidity for the entire ecosystem.
  • Data availability partnership: Dymension compliments external data availability providers such as Celestia, ensuring robust and efficient data management at scale.
  • IBC implementation: Dymension utilizes the Inter-Blockchain Communication Protocol (IBC), which is critical for facilitating seamless interaction between different blockchain networks.
  • User-friendly RollApp creation: The platform enables easy creation of RollApps, allowing developers to efficiently build and deploy execution layers.
  • Staking mechanics: Using the Cosmos SDK chain, Dymension allows participants to stake or unstake tokens with validators, contributing to the network's security and integrity.
  • Community and developer support: Dymension offers in-depth education, resources, and documentation and is supported by an active community on platforms like GitHub, Twitter, Discord, and Telegram.
Staking mechanics of Dymension

Using the Cosmos SDK, Dymension incorporates a staking mechanism that enables participants to stake or unstake tokens with validators. This feature is central to maintaining the security and integrity of the network, allowing stakeholders to contribute to the ecosystem actively.

To kick off Genesis Rolldrop Season 1, Dymension is working to incentivize its users and builders by providing a significant allocation of tokens to pay tribute to three verticals within crypto, culture, money, and tech.

The tokenomics ($DYM) as of Feb 6th is as follows:  

Total Supply: 1,000,000,000

Chorus One Valoper address: dymvaloper1ema6flggqeakw3795cawttxfjspa48l4x0e2mh


The Inter-Blockchain Communication Protocol is an important aspect of Dymension. IBC is a battle-tested bridging protocol that allows secure communication between different chains. RollApps connect to the IBC economy via Dymension Hub, similar to how a server connects to the internet via an internet service provider.

Dymension is working to reduce the reliance on centralized and commonly used multi-sig bridges prevalent in Ethereum and L2 ecosystems with IBC-connected rollups. By utilizing IBC for rollups, Dymension validates that all funds deposited into a RollApp are as secure as the Dymension Hub itself.

Chorus One's involvement with Dymension

We firmly believe Dymension stands at the forefront of the next generation of blockchain technology, with its modular architecture promising to improve upon scalability and efficiency challenges faced by traditional blockchains. As supporters and collaborators, we continue to advise the team to best position themselves for a successful mainnet launch and beyond.  

We are excited about the potential of Dymension to revolutionize the blockchain ecosystem, reinforcing our commitment to innovation and the growth of blockchain technology.

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