Simplified Staking: Stake Upto 8000ETH in One Transaction

Chorus One
Chorus One
September 25, 2023
5 min read
September 25, 2023
5 min read

When it comes to staking ETH, a recurring challenge arises - the requirement to sign multiple transitions for substantial deposits. This complexity has been especially a persistent hurdle in the path of institutional stakers. To combat this, we’ve devised a solution that streamlines institutional staking: the ability to seamlessly stake 8000ETH , or 250 validators in a SINGLE transaction.

The Challenge of Institutional Staking

The conventional process of staking entails a series of transactions, which becomes increasingly cumbersome as the amount of stake grows. Institutions have long sought a more straightforward method for engaging in staking without the complexity of multiple signatures. Enter our new feature, which enables institutions and investors to stake up to 8000 ETH in a single, seamless transaction. This approach transforms staking on OPUS, Chorus One's multi-chain staking solution that caters to both institutions and individual investors, into a simple one-click process, streamlining the experience and reducing staking limits.

In the upcoming months, we aim to further enhance this capability, allowing customers to stake more in a single transaction than what the industry typically offers.

Why Stake ETH on OPUS?

In addition to this streamlined process, complemented by OPUS's user-friendly staking interface, staking through Chorus One's OPUS offers a range of distinct advantages:

  • MEV Yields: OPUS is MEV-enabled by default, providing access to higher rewards.
  • Security: Chorus One employs a mix of hardware security models, FIPS 140-2 compliant vaults, and slashing protection logic to ensure the utmost security for your operations and delegations.
  • No Slashing Instances: Chorus One has never been slashed and provides coverage against any potential future slashing events.
  • Robust Reporting: Institutions, in particular, can benefit from detailed, real-time rewards reporting for their treasury management.

How to Stake ETH on OPUS?

Staking ETH on OPUS is made easy through two methods:

  • User-Friendly Portal: Investors and institutions can use the intuitive OPUS dashboard to stake ETH with just a few clicks. This dashboard provides a consolidated view of rewards, slashing history, MEV applicability, and more, all without requiring technical integration.
  • API: Institutions have the option to leverage our robust API to seamlessly incorporate ETH staking into their products for their users. In addition, this integration provides access to comprehensive reward reports, MEV applicability data, and node effectiveness metrics.

Here's a brief demo to guide you through the process of staking with OPUS:

To learn more, or get started with staking with Chorus One, reach out to us at

About Chorus One

Chorus One is one of the biggest institutional staking providers globally operating infrastructure for 45+ Proof-of-Stake networks including Ethereum, Cosmos, Solana, Avalanche, and Near amongst others. Since 2018, we have been at the forefront of the PoS industry and now offer easy enterprise-grade staking solutions, industry-leading research, and also invest in some of the most cutting-edge protocols through Chorus Ventures.

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