Unveiling the EigenLayer AVSs selected by Chorus One: Part 1

Chorus One
Chorus One
April 12, 2024
5 min read
April 12, 2024
5 min read

The EigenLayer ecosystem has emerged as a crucial driver of innovation and expanding the capabilities of the Ethereum network. As a leading node operator, we have taken a strategic, Safety over Speed approach to identifying and onboarding some of the most exciting Actively Validated Services (AVSs) that are set to transform the industry.

Let's dive into the first batch of EigenLayer AVSs that Chorus One is registering:

1. EigenDA: Scaling Data Availability for Rollups [Onboarded]

At the heart of the scalability challenges faced by Ethereum lie the complexities of data availability. EigenDA aims to tackle this problem head-on by providing a secure and scalable data availability solution for optimistic and zero-knowledge (ZK) rollups. By leveraging the restaking primitive developed by EigenLabs, EigenDA empowers rollups to access lower transaction costs, higher throughput, and robust security across the EigenLayer ecosystem.

Why we onboarded EigenDA: As the first AVS to launch on the EigenLayer mainnet, and its impressive $1 billion in total value locked (TVL), we see immense potential in supporting EigenDA and positioning it as a preferred solution for leading Layer 2 ecosystems, including the OP Stack.

2. Brevis: Trustless Co-Processing for Data-Rich Applications [Onboarded]

Brevis belongs to a class of solutions that thrive within the EigenLayer ecosystem – co-processor networks. These specialized networks extend the functionality of a stack to handle computationally intensive tasks, such as verifying complex data points for decentralized applications (dApps).

Brevis tackles the challenge of "data-rich" use cases, where retrieving and validating on-chain data can be both time-consuming and costly. By leveraging a novel "propose-challenge" model, Brevis generates ZK proofs to ensure the accuracy of its results, empowering applications in DeFi, user-segment optimization, and beyond to operate in a truly trustless manner.

Why we onboarded Brevis: Our decision to onboard Brevis as its second AVS was driven by the project's open-source codebase and the alignment with the team's vision. As a modular and efficient solution, Brevis aligns perfectly with Chorus One's commitment to driving innovation and supporting the growth of the decentralized ecosystem.

3. Eoracle: Bringing Transparency and Security to Oracle Networks

One of the biggest hurdles in the crypto industry has been the "oracle problem" – the challenge of reliably and securely bringing real-world data onto blockchain networks. Eoracle aims to address this issue by creating an Ethereum-native oracle solution that leverages the decentralization, transparency, and security of the Ethereum network.

Why are we onboarding Eoracle: As the "Data Validator" AVS operated by Chorus One, Eoracle connects node operators to compute, validate, and publish off-chain data to dApps in a secure and trustless manner. By tapping into the Ethereum validator set through EigenLayer, Eoracle represents a crucial step towards building a more robust and reliable oracle infrastructure for the decentralized ecosystem.

4. Lagrange:  Cryptographically secured proofs for the Multichain Future  

Inspired by Ethereum’s Sync Committee, Lagrange’s State Committee seeks to provide a robust, scalable, and shared security solution for cross-chain interoperability. This works by enabling multiple protocols to derive security from a shared security zone made up of a single, dynamic set of Ethereum nodes. Operators can deploy the Lagrange State Committees in combination with restaking through EigenLayer, to address the challenges with current approaches to cross-chain interoperability.

Why we are onboarding Lagrange: As the first zero knowledge AVS on Eigenlayer, we are excited to work with an innovative solution like Lagrange. With 15+ committed professional operators and over $2 billion in pledged security by leading LRTs, we feel confident in supporting Lagrange in addressing the security question in cross-chain interoperability.

5. AltLayer: Bridging the Rollup Ecosystem

AltLayer offers two key services that are highly relevant to the Ethereum ecosystem. The first is their Rollup-as-a-Service (RaaS) solution, which enables the fast and customized deployment of rollups. The second, and more pertinent to Chorus One, is their "Restaked Rollups" – a vertically integrated suite of three AVSs that leverage EigenLayer's shared security to support decentralized rollups.

Why are we onboarding AltLayer: AltLayer's Restaked Rollup solution addresses key challenges facing decentralized rollups, such as the need for a decentralized sequencer (SQUAD), a robust verifier (VITAL), and fast finality (MACH). By onboarding this comprehensive suite of AVSs, starting with their MACH AVS in this iteration, we aim to provide critical infrastructure and support to the broader rollup ecosystem, accelerating the growth and adoption of scalable decentralized applications.

6. Witness Chain: Incentivizing Fraud Proofs for Optimistic Rollups

Optimistic rollups offer a promising path to Ethereum scalability, but their security properties have been limited by the lack of clear incentives for validators to diligently search for and submit fraud proofs. Witness Chain addresses this challenge with its Watchtower protocol – a programmable, trustless, and decentralized service that uses a novel "proof of diligence" mechanism to incentivize validators to support optimistic rollups.

Why are we onboarding Witness Chain: By onboarding Witness Chain as an AVS, we aim to continue our ongoing commitment to strengthening the security and decentralization of the L2 ecosystem, which is a crucial component of Ethereum's scalability roadmap. As optimistic rollups continue to gain traction, Witness Chain's services will play a vital role in ensuring the long-term viability and trust in these scaling solutions.

Stay tuned for Part 2 of this series, where we'll explore the additional exciting AVSs that Chorus One is onboarding to the EigenLayer network, further expanding the potential of the EigenLayer and Restaking ecosystem.

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